Nick Broomfield

Unlike Errol Morris and Michael Moore, Nick Broomfield (born 1948) is a British documentary maker. Broomfield tends to work with a minimal number of crew, and is often featured creating the film in his documentaries. This aspect is similar to that of documentaries that follow the relexive mode which exploits the idea construction of a documentary.

Broomfield first got interested in documentary when discovering his love for photography on a foreign exchange visit in France. He has said that it was “A great way to strike up conversations, and a great excuse to ask questions about the world around you.”

Broomfield has been awarded the BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award for Contribution to Documentary in 2006. Other achievements also consist of Best Director at the San Sebastian Film Awards (2007), First Prize at many USA film festivals and the Royal Television Society Award.


So far Bloomfield has directed 27 documentaries. His most well known ones however are as follows:

Soldier Girls (1981)
Driving Me Crazy (1988)
Diamond Skulls (1989)
The Leader, His Driver and the Driver’s Wife (1991)
Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (1993)
Kurt and Courtney (1998)
Biggie and Tupac (2002)
Ghosts (2006)
Battle for Haditha (2007)
A Time Comes (2009)

Kurt and Courtney (1998)

Kurt & Courtney investigates the circumstances surrounding Kurt Cobain’s death, and allegations of Courntey Love’s involvement in it. The film concludes that there is not enough evidence to prove that Cobain was murdered. Riding a wave of controversy, Kurt & Courtney opened in one North American theatre on February 27, 1998, where it grossed $16,835 in its opening weekend. The film’s final $668,228 gross was respectable considering the film’s limited release (only 12 theatres at its widest point), independent distribution, documentary nature, and mixed reviews.

Biggie and Tupac (1988)

Battle for Haditha (2007)

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